About Us

Our website www.charmakarshadi.com is primarily designed to assist the boys and girls of charmakar caste to find a suitable match. It is a platform where one can browse all profiles and check suitable matching profiles as per their preferences.

It's the right destination for singles looking for a life partner within their community. When you register on Charmakarshadi.com based on your community, your profile will be visible on this website for all the other members who are searching for life partner. where you can search according to your specific criteria's and contact profiles. Regular custom emails and notifications make the process easier and take you closer to your life partner! Empowered by innovative tools and modern technologies, Charmakarshadi.com provides the widest choice of profiles, that matches your criteria and expectations. We believe that Charmakarshadi.com can help you to find that special person all around the world for whom you have been waiting for all your life!

Charmakarshadi.com stands with one simple objective to provide a marvelous matchmaking experience exploring the platform available to meet capable life partners. Team Charmakarshadi.com is dedicated to provide you with ultimate partner search experience of chambhar caste. We will attempt to provide you with more relevant matches for every search that you conduct with widest choice of profiles, that matches your criteria and expectations. Charmakarshadi.com is meant for users with a aspect of commitment, promise, trust and not for the users interested in just romantic courtship or dating.

Why Us?


  1. Free & Easy - FREE registration to create profile visible to all other candidates.
  2. Superior Privacy - Enhanced privacy features to protect your personal family and contact details.
  3. Verified Profiles - Registered profiles are manually screened to ensure genuine profiles.
  4. Email Alerts - E-mail alerts when members request to share contact .
  5. User-Friendly & Easy - User-friendly interface and features for easy partner search.
  6. Customer Support - Team to assist you via email, phone etc. in all the queries raised.